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A German Engineer’s Perspective

As the proud owner of 11 LAT_56 bags (including two Holdalls), Karsten Mocken is a true LAT_56 veteran. With such extensive experience of our products, we asked if he would be kind enough to write a review for us. What we received is one of the most in-depth, thorough surveys of our products we have ever seen! Karsten, who hails from Ahaus, Germany, gives us an exacting engineer’s take on his collection of LAT_56 bags, including the new Road Warrior rolling luggage


LAT_56 Red Eye Garment Bag

  • The Red Eye Garment Bag is the perfect solution for a long weekend.
  • I just recently noticed that a lot goes into the pocket, despite the relatively rigid design.
  • The zipper cover is perfect for separating the two areas from each other and ensures that everything is still in place when opening the bag.
  • I still have the first version of the Red Eye Garment Bag, so unfortunately the patented Suit Packing System (SPS) is not big enough for my suit. However, LAT_56 have improved the SPS in the new version so now my suits fit as I learned when purchasing the new Road Warrior luggage, which includes the SPS.
  • The SPS is perfect for suits and trousers.


LAT_56 RW_01 Road Warrior Carry-On Bag

  • First impression, madness! Second impression, perfection!
  • For the inspector at the airport, who sees hundreds of suitcases a day, the LAT_56 suitcase was very interesting and he particularly praised the case’s exterior material.
  • The exterior:
    • The usual high quality of workmanship combined with the honeycomb EVA foam.
    • Simply brilliant, red LAT_56 wheels that are of unusually good quality for suitcases. Where is my long board??
    • The back includes a zippered pocket for quick access to travel documents.
    • Toiletries can be accessed via a separate zipped pocket directly from the outside of the case. This means you do not have to open the suitcase when passing the security check.
    • The telescopic handle is also accessible via a zipper pocket, revealing the quality of workmanship. The handle is rubberized on both sides and one has a very secure feeling that it will not slip out of your hand. The telescopic handle is very stable and is a good length, so that the suitcase is not treading on your heels.
  • The interior:
    • The noble, red lining impresses with the usual high quality and I immediately noticed the zipper in the background with which one has access to the internal telescopic handle; a great idea!
    • The upper mesh pocket can be reached with a big round zipper.
      • There one can find the SPS and small detachable, Velcro mesh pockets. These little bags are designed for underwear and socks, but they were too small for my week stay.
      • The SPS has been completely redesigned and is now a little longer, a little better quality and has been made lighter by circular recesses in the rigid part.
    • The internal compartment also includes zipped mesh pockets and can be used for other small items.
      • As in the Holdall, there is a separate zip pocket, which is designated as a shoe compartment and is secured with LAT56 snaps. It can also be used for dirty clothes when a second pair of shoes are not needed.


LAT_56 HD_01 Holdall bag

  • I use my 2 LAT_56 Holdall Duffel Bags as sport bags and I try to visit the gym everyday—and both still look like they did on the first day!
  • The large oval top zipper provides easy access to the entire contents.
  • The mesh pockets on either end hold my shower toiletries and other trifles, like squash balls, and keep them in place.
  • The large compartment is sufficient for my sportswear including sneakers.
  • After the gym, everything fits into the separate wet bag and I have my sweaty things nicely separated from my other gear.
  • The handles at the top and on both sides are simply brilliant! Perfect for handling the bag in any situation and for storing easily.
  • Additionally, there is a shoulder strap, so that travelling longer distances isn’t a problem.
  • The bags were also the perfect companion for a short sailing trip; my colleagues were quite envious!


LAT_56 MS_02 Messenger Bag

  • Before I bought the Backpack, the Messenger Bag was my mobile office and if it’s a serious business meeting, I use this bag and not the Backpack.
  • The smaller pockets include magnetic snaps and the internal laptop compartment is very well thought out and offers all the storage space for a mobile office.


LAT_56 BC_01 Backpack Bag

  • The Backpack is my mobile office for all missions.


LAT_56 TT_01 Traveller Bag

  • I used the Traveller Bag as a constant companion for a short break to Vienna and always had accessible my Kindle, iPad, smartphone, and wallet, as well as all necessary charging cables.
  • I used the rear zip pocket for my identification cards and travel documents, such as my plane ticket.
  • The bag is almost perfect except for a few minor tweaks
    • A smart sleeve strap on the back would still be nice to securely connect it with the telescopic handle of a rolling suitcase.
    • Since you can only reach the contents by unzipping the bag all the way, there is a danger of the contents partially falling out. Here I could imagine a foldable panel and zipper on either side of the bag. This way you would be able to only open the bag partially if you wished.



LAT_56 GC_01 Glasses Case

  • I use the Glasses Case for storing different USB sticks and my laser pointer for presentations. For my glasses, the material is a little too supple; when pressure is applied, I think the glasses could be damaged.


LAT_56 WB_01 Wash Bag

  • The Wash Bag is also the perfect companion for a man and has enough room for all necessary toiletries. The amount of small features continues to surprise me:
    • Hook for hanging on the bathroom door.
    • Separate mesh pockets with zipper in the inner part of the pocket lid.
    • Large compartment, which can also be closed with a zipper.
    • Magnetic closures for the bag cover.
    • Zipper pocket on the outside.


LAT_56 PF_01 Padfolio

  • The Padfolio’s quality is not to beat, storing my writing tools stylishly.


Karsten's LAT_56 LP_03 Laptop Case Bag


  • I’ve recently purchased the large laptop case, my eleventh piece of perfection from LAT_56. It’s a perfect companion when I am walking from one building to the other on our company campus and protects my laptop from sudden downpours. Plus, I’ve already received compliments on the design!

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