Business Traveller Reviews the LAT_56 Holdall Duffel Bag

Business Traveller Magazine reviews LAT_56 cabin luggage and carry-on bags

Business Traveller Magazine reviews the LAT_56 HD_01 Holdall Duffel Bag, calling it a “highly durable holdall.”

Launched in 1976 and with 13 editions worldwide, Business Traveller Magazine is the go-to magazine for business travellers around the world. It’s no surprise that its Global Editor-in-Chief, Tom Otley, is among the most veteran of frequent flyers and doesn’t mince his words when it comes to product reviews.

He also makes sure he gives the luggage he reviews a thorough test, and this time around was no different with the LAT_56 HD_01 Holdall. Otley says he packed the holdall “to the brim with my clothes and toiletries for a weekend away in Devon and my gym gear for lunchtime on Friday.” He seems to have especially appreciated the detachable wet bag, which “was big enough for my kit, towel and trainers” and which allowed him to keep this gear separate from his weekend clothes.

Otley also notes the durable materials and zips, as well as its lightweight build, “The bag utilises ultra-lightweight materials and felt nice and light despite the fact I had packed it to the brim.”

By the end of his test run, Otley came to his final verdict: “A highly durable holdall, great for an active weekend away or for regular gym users, especially with the handy wet-dry bag for organising items.”

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