Business Traveller Magazine Reviews the LAT_56 2-Wheel Suitcase

Business Traveller Magazine reviews LAT_56 cabin luggage and carry-on bags

Business Traveller Magazine reviews the LAT_56 RW_01 Road Warrior 2-Wheel Suitcase, calling it a “superb bag.”

Launched in 1976 and with 13 editions worldwide, Business Traveller Magazine is the go-to magazine for business travellers around the world. It’s no surprise that its Global Editor-in-Chief, Tom Otley, is among the most veteran of frequent flyers and doesn’t mince his words when it comes to product reviews. However, considering he’s already successfully tried out the RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag and the HD_01 Holdall, we were fairly optimistic he was going to be pleased with the new RW_01 Road Warrior 2-wheeler suitcase.

In his review, Otley methodically examines each aspect of the rolling luggage from its “arresting interior” to its “deceptively simple” PS_01.1 Suit Packing System, and he rigorously tested the case out on a trip to San Paulo, “It came back unmarked.”

Otley’s final verdict makes his opinion clear: “A superb bag. Well made, with lots of thought absorbed into the design, good materials and a five-year guarantee.”

Read the full, comprehensive review here.

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