Four-Wheel Delight for Fodor’s Travel Magazine

Fodor's review 4 wheel carry-on LAT_56 bag

Fodor’s, a travel site which ‘helps you unleash the possibilities of travel’ has provided an in-depth review of the RW_02 Road Warrior 4-wheel carry-on suitcase.

Editor in Chief of the site, Arabella Bowen personally reviewed the bag and tested it across multiple flights and road trips. Bowen praised the bag’s ability to not “crack under pressure” due to the bag’s “high-performance lining and cushy outer shell”.

Covering all aspects of the suitcase, Bowen also draws attention to the RW_02’s external access to your 100ml toiletries, which, she says “streamlined” her security screening time, a luxury beneficial to both frequent and more occasional travellers

With regard to the interior, added features such as a detachable shoe bag and multiple compartments proved useful for keeping Bowen’s hiking boots away from her other belongings and she went on to say that the compartments have the frequent traveller in mind.

Bowen ended the review stating that the RW_02 is best for those who “are packing light, zipping through security and planning work on the go”.

You can read the review in full here.

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