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    #mylat56 Winner: Kabir Dhawan

    #mylat56 Winning Shot

    In the final days of the #mylat56 competition, the team at LAT_56 HQ started sifting through the entries to decide the winner. When Facebook registered a new last-minute entry, the team knew they had found their frontrunner. Kabir Dhawan’s snap of his 2-Wheel Road Warrior Suitcase, taken at the Arche de la Défense in Paris, is expertly composed, aligning his suitcase’s bold edges with the sharp lines of the Grand Arch. “It was a spur of the moment shot,” Kabir…

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  • Karsten's LAT_56 Bag Collection
    Letters Stories

    A German Engineer’s Perspective

    As the proud owner of 11 LAT_56 bags (including two Holdalls), Karsten Mocken is a true LAT_56 veteran. With such extensive experience of our products, we asked if he would be kind enough…

  • Edward Grint and his LAT_56 RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag

    LAT_56 Goes to the Opera

    Ed did it. He’s living his dream. After four months working behind a desk as an accountant, he quit his job and became an opera singer. Well it didn’t happen just…

  • Why business travellers love LAT_56 carry-on luggage and cabin bags
    Featured Stories

    Let’s Talk Business

    Dave Jennings’ neatly trimmed beard, sleek glasses, and freshly pressed suit tells me that this is a man who cares about how he looks and who has his act together. His…

  • Million Mile Man with is RW_01 Road Warrior Carry-On Cabin Bag

    Million Mile Man

    “So here’s an example of a short jaunt. I fly from Toronto to LA – that’s around 6 hours. Then from LA to Fiji, that’s around 12 hours. I get to…

  • Vincent McGovern and his LAT_56 Laptop Case

    LAT_56 Man of the Law

    Vincent McGovern is a lawyer, running his own law firm in Lanarkshire, Scotland. At university Vincent studied law and then pursued a legal career representing the less privileged and speaking on…

  • Hamish and his LAt_56 RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag

    Motorcycle Diaries

    Hamish Hickey is a solicitor on a motorbike, cruising between the English courts, giving legal advice and participating in legal proceedings. Having recently purchased the Red Eye Garment Bag to aid…

  • James Barton owns eight LAT_56 carry-on cabin bags

    Embracing Chaos

    James Barton has learned to embrace chaos. And he loves it. His two favourite places in the world are New York City and Mumbai, especially Mumbai. “I love India. I love…