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Why business travellers love LAT_56 carry-on luggage and cabin bags

Dave Jennings’ neatly trimmed beard, sleek glasses, and freshly pressed suit tells me that this is a man who cares about how he looks and who has his act together. His trusty LAT56 Red Eye Garment Bag and backpack are all part and parcel to the system that allows Dave to carry out his international travel lifestyle without a glitch, all the while looking great the entire time.

I’m meeting Dave, who is Senior Sales Executive for ConverterTechnologies, Inc at the Millennium Hotel cafe, a go-to cafe for the on-the-go businessman. Indeed, the waitress takes our order and returns promptly with our drinks and the check so that we’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. While Dave, a gregarious larger-than-life man with a twinkle in his eye and a warm smile, is comfortable and relaxed, eager to speak with me about one of his favourite travel brands, he also has another meeting coming up and will have to be going soon.

In fact, Dave also has trips coming up to Madrid, New York, Australia, and possibly India in the coming weeks and months. And he says he hardly ever forgets anything. So how does he do it?

Well, it didn’t happen overnight. Dave says it took him about a year to scale the learning curve that comes with business travel.

“When you start travelling for business, you’re hyper-conscious. You pack too much but you pack everything. Then after a while, you get a little blasé and start forgetting stuff.”

It was after two mishaps where Dave forgot something that he decided it was time to develop a system and also to become “ruthless.”

Now Dave has three pre-packed bags, each ready to go at a moment’s notice depending on the trip. He’s got his LAT_56 BC_01 Backpack for overnights, Red Eye for 2-3 night stays, and suitcase for 3+ nights. Each bag has its own toiletry bag and set of cables for his various devices. This way Dave ensures that he never forgets a toothbrush, charger or tablet lead. “It’s a bit OCD,” he says, “but it means there are no mistakes.”

If you ask me, Dave’s system is just smart. It means he has everything he needs at all times, removes the stress and thought associated with packing, and avoids the panic-frenzy of racing around a foreign city in search of a lead 10 minutes before a presentation.

Most importantly, it frees up Dave to focus on what he’s there to do: coordinate complex business transactions. Without the worry and hassle, Dave is able to perform at maximum efficiency but also relax and enjoy himself. He’s excited for LAT_56’s new rolling luggage to complete his LAT_56 trio, replacing his current suitcase for something more trustworthy and robust.

“Reliability, that’s what I appreciate most in my LAT_56 bags. I know a strap or zipper won’t break, that everything inside is protected and that it will continue to look like new.”

I steal a glance at Dave’s Red Eye, which he’s been using for three years and have to admit: it really does look like new. (And I’m not just saying that).

What Dave means when he says “reliable” is that he can trust the bag for both its durability – “it’s virtually indestructible” – and its style.

“In my industry people care a lot about what watch you wear, what shoes you’re wearing.” And it’s these same top trending high-profile businessmen who are eyeing Dave’s LAT_56 kit jealously. “It’s nice having a bag that you can trust not only for quality but that makes you feel great too.”

Recently, Dave says he was at a convention where a colleague greeted him, “I knew you were here because I saw your bag.” “That’s when I realised,” Dave reflects, “how much people had come to associate me with LAT_56.” And that matters because it means that his bag is distinctive, bearing a personality that has become linked with its owner. Looks and first impressions matter a lot in business and this bag says: indestructible, intelligent, and first class.

“Look, I’m gushing about this product. But that’s what I do, I pontificate about LAT_56.”

Dave’s converted two friends recently and it seems more are on the way. This is brilliant, I think as LAT_56’s Press Officer, a product that markets itself, so good that customers do the marketing for you – evangelising by the sounds of it! But there’s something to this.

“People don’t compliment enough,” Dave argues, “and it’s hard to find a brand you can really trust.” I agree, suggesting that in a throw-away culture, quality is an ever elusive commodity. Nodding his head, Dave tells me about his pre-LAT_56 bag.

“It was an Italian make that cost me upwards of £400. I loved it, it looked great.” But by his second trip, the bag was already showing wear and tear, falling apart at the seams in fact! “That’s when someone told me about LAT_56, this ‘amazing bag.’” Dave decided to investigate and give it a go. And the rest is history.

Dave is starting to check his watch and I know our time is up. All paid up, we are ready to jet set, Dave off to a high profile business meeting. I can already see him transitioning into business mode, replacing the twinkle in his eye with a more serious, focused and astute watchfulness. We shake hands and I watch him walk off, pressed suit, confident gait, shiny LAT_56 Red Eye gripped securely in his hand.

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