Elite Traveler: ‘Rugged yet Sophisticated’

Elite Traveler reviews the LAT_56 RW_02 Road Warrior Carry-On Rolling Luggage

Elite Traveler is a London-based luxury lifestyle magazine with its thumb on the pulse of all the latest trends. That’s why it’s one of the first to review LAT_56’s new Road Warrior range of luxury suitcases with a close look at the RW_02 8-wheeler rolling luggage.

Apart from admiring the case’s “ultra light materials, so light in fact, that the same materials are also used by NASA,” Elite Traveler also pauses to praise the 8-wheeler’s fashionable look. “None of this means you will have to sacrifice style. In fact, the robust exterior is rugged yet sophisticated with its glossy black finish.”

Examining the mesh pockets, detachable shoe bag, and the discreet external pocket for easy access to toiletries – a “stand out feature” – Elite Traveler concludes: “If you are looking for a strong yet lightweight piece of luggage made with precision engineering this one is for you.”

Read the full review here.

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