Feedback from a United Airlines 1K/Million Miler

David's LAT_56 Road Warrior suitcase in the back of his Range Rover


I’ve only had my LAT_56 RW_01 Road Warrior bag for 4 weeks but have done 4 week long (M-F) trips from Denver to Ireland, Rio de Janeiro, Atlanta and Haiti and a weekend wine tasting trip in the US.

I’ve found the bag wonderfully diverse for handling different trips (suiter for S. America & Caribbean), extra shoes for Ireland and weekend, and I LOVE the 3-3-1 pocket. While I’m TSA Pre-check in the US and don’t need to pull those out, its great for international security and just a convenient location to store these with just a little more spillage protection as well.

The bag is by far the quietest and smoothest in the airport, extremely impressed by the wheels. I’m not the heaviest traveler (~145 days/year) but am on the road enough that I’m quite picky about my luggage. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Well designed for the heavy traveller indeed.

David Reeder (Lafayette, Colorado, USA)
United Airlines 1K/Million Miler

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