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Forbes Reviews LAT_56 Carry-On Luggage


Forbes needs very little introduction as the American business magazine that covers finance and industry and is one of the most well-known publications in the world. How fitting that it should name and review LAT_56 as one of the true carry-on luggage innovators of the day.

Larry Olmsted reviews the Road Warrior suitcases and Red Eye Garment Bag in this article where he considers recent technological innovations in luggage. He’s weary of luggage innovations that over complicate things or come loaded with tech gimmicks bound to fail on the road and he is clear as to what works for a frequent traveller.

Instead, he’s most impressed with LAT_56’s innovative spinner suitcase with 8 wheels instead of 4, making it “more stable, with better contact” and its slightly larger rear wheels that “makes it easier to tip and use as a two wheeler when pulling behind.” He also notes the double zippers and external pocket for easy access to toiletries, among other such “little efficiency details.” Olmsted concludes that “Scotland already gave us the best golf and the best whisky, now they are giving us some of the best luggage.”

Read the full review here.

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