GearHungry Features Red Eye Garment Bag


GearHungry, an independent digital magazine which focuses on “digging up the best gear for guys”, has featured the RE_01 Red Eye Carry-on garment bag just weeks before Christmas.

“A weekender shouldn’t have wheels, and LAT_56’s Red Eye Garment Bag doesn’t”, states GearHungry in the opening sentence. GearHungry then highlight how the bag “can take a beating or the weight of a car without taking damage” when describing the highly durable moulded EVA foam from which the outer shell is made.

You can read the review in full here.

This review comes just days after the RW_01 Road Warrior (2 wheels), which also features the Suit Packing System™, was thoroughly reviewed on The Wirecutter, where the authors praised the bag for its design and ability to protect your clothes.


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