My Garment Bag Handled the Suit Perfectly

John Reviews the LAT_56 RE_01 Garment Bag

Hi Folks,

As requested, review of my recent road trip with the Redeye.

Destination – Arbroath & Aberdeen, Scotland via FlyBe.


What was meant to be a long relaxing weekend staying with friends in Arbroath transformed to a business meeting in Aberdeen on the Monday presenting the dilemma of how to safely carry a suit through an airport, onto a plane and still remain presentable for the meeting, without taking too much luggage and being tied to awaiting baggage handling at both airports.

A keen fan and supporter of LAT56’s range of luggage solutions, they were my first port of call.  I’d eyed the Redeye Carry On Garment Carrier with envious eyes for a while but couldn’t quite justify the expense given that the majority of my business travel covers months as opposed to short breaks. Add to that the fact that suits and cases don’t necessarily compliment one another, LAT56 was the obvious choice.  No sooner said than done, I made the online order, and within 24 hours was the proud owner of the Redeye – Instantaneous satisfaction, made even sweeter with the additional free gift in the form of a Wash bag!

Traveling light proved the challenge, ably met by the Redeye Carry On Garment Bag, virtually weightless, complete with its patented Suit Packing System.  It handled the suit perfectly, together with shirt, shoes and enough clothes (T Shirts etc), shaver, chargers and toiletries for 4 days!

Sadly LAT56 can’t deal with the Airport Security queues! But they certainly eased the journey, attracting a number of admiring glances and enquiries of where it could be purchased.

Sized for Aircraft carry on, able to be stowed overhead or under seat, it’s perfect and whilst it won’t fit overhead in a FlyBe Dash 8, it sits snugly under your seat.

In Summary

Though being a short trip, mixing business with pleasure, the Redeye handled itself well and is an absolute boon for any long haul where there is a danger of checked in luggage going walking … In short, absolutely perfect, and yes, it would be the choice of James Bond!

Cheers guys!


John McDonald (Hamilton, UK)

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