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Will It Survive?

For months we’ve been watching the builders outside our shipping container Headquarters develop the new futuristic footbridge over to the banks of the River Tay in Dundee, Scotland. But today, instead of just watching them, we decided to offer them a challenge: destroy our luggage.

The mission: How much abuse can a LAT_56 bag take before it breaks?

So we wheeled our Road Warrior RW_01 and RW_02 rolling luggage and our good old RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag over to the site.

Dave, the site manager, inspected the luggage. “Looks nice,” he said with a grin, “But I don’t think it’s going to survive.”

Dave’s vehicle of choice was a 10 tonne digger, fit to drop, run over, bury, and pummel our LAT_56 bags to pulp.

Or so he thought.

Test 1. Drive Over Red Eye Bag

The digger raises itself up using hydraulics and then brutally brings its full 10 tonne weight down on the bag, completely flattening it before running over it again with its even larger rear wheel.

Test 2. Scoop & Drop

The Red Eye and Road Warrior are driven into a mountain of mud, hauled into the air and dropped.

Test 3. Drop From a Height

The Red Eye and Road Warrior are placed in the digger’s bucket, raised up and then mercilessly dropped onto the hard pavement below. Wheels can’t possible survive this?

Test 4. Bury & Pummel

The Red Eye and Road Warrior RW_01 and RW_02 are buried in mud, pummeled to a pulp, and then dug out.

What are the results? Watch what happens.

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