LAT_56 Briefcase vs Messenger Bag

LAT_56 BC_01 Briefcase vs LAT_56 MS_01 Messenger Bag

The LAT_56 Briefcase and Messenger bags may seem to have a lot in common, but there are crucial differences to consider when deciding which one to buy. In terms of presentation and functionality, the briefcase and messenger bags serve very different purposes.

The fundamental difference between the briefcase and the messenger bag is reflected in their histories. Since the birth of the modern briefcase in 1850, the briefcase has reigned supreme in the business world and is still the bag that epitomises the professional domain.

The modern messenger bag, on the other hand, dates back to 1950 as a utility lineman’s bag. However, its roots stretch back far further to the ancient messenger travelling by foot. Lightweight and easily manoeuvrable, this bag was designed for the on-the-go messenger and continues to play this role in today’s modern urban jungle.


The Briefcase

The differences between the BC_01 and BC_02 from the MS_01 and MS_02 reflect the bags’ different functions, optimising space and compartments for either the businessman or the on-the-go professional. The LAT_56 briefcase has two separate compartments. One compartment serves as a mobile desk, with a padded pocket (made from NASA-spec memory-foam no less!)for your laptop, a divided folder space for your various documents, pencil and pen holders, and pockets for your other necessities. The second compartment provides additional space, including that for an overnight stay. The BC_01 and BC_02 are even expandable, allowing you to fit more or less, depending on your travel and business needs. The briefcase’s dynamism comes from this ability to adapt to any business or travel occasion.


The Messenger Bag

The MS_01 and MS_02, in comparison, suit the daily professional commuter who needs a dynamic bag that can weave with him or her through packed subways and buses, crammed streets, and into offices smoothly. Made from the same robust materials and featuring the honeycomb design that resembles a shield of armour and is characteristic of all LAT_56 products, the MS_01 and MS_02 set an authoritative tone for the high-flying professional while still allowing for easy daily commuting. The considered design of this bag has resulted in a focus on discreet entry, meaning your belongings will remain secure and protected whilst travelling the city or on the Subway. Compared to the BC_01 and BC_02, however, the messenger bag is unlikely to provide enough space for an overnight stay as the sleeker and thinner build allow for everyday travel.

Briefcase vs Messenger Bag: Conclusion

In summary, go for the briefcase if you’re wearing a suit and tie, mean business, and are making overnight stays. Consider the messenger bag if your on-the-go lifestyle means you need something manoeuvrable that still has an authoritative edge.

Which bag do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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