Road Warrior Suitcase: 2 Wheels vs 4 Wheels

LAT_56 RW_01 Road Warrior vs RW_02 Road Warrior Rolling Luggage

This is a personal preference for all travelers. We offer both 2 wheel bags and spinners so you can decide which is best for you. In our experience, more frequent travellers use 2 wheel cases because of the flexibility it offers. However, you can’t beat that spinner bag effortlessly gliding through the airport. Then again, the 2 wheel can move much quicker over a variety of terrains…the decision is yours!

The LAT_56 RW_01 and RW_02 Road Warrior rolling luggage are grade A suitcases, designed for the frequent flyer. Each LAT_56 suitcase has its place, depending on your needs. We’ve tallied up three key benefits of each case to help you make your decision when deciding whether to go 2 wheels or, in this case, 8!

LAT_56 RW_01 Road Warrior 2-wheeler Carry-On Bag

More Space

2 wheels means the RW_01 has more space for you to fit all your travel essentials while still meeting carry-on requirements and fitting snuggly in the overhead compartment above.

Better on All Surfaces

The RW_01 features longboard skateboard inspired wheels and is ideal for any surface. In general, you have more flexibility than with a spinner – you can rush down busy streets catching the tube or metro with ease. Everyone has seen the tourist fumble with their spinner which just can’t handle those cobbled streets! 2 wheeel’ers can glide over small stones and bumps or gaps in the sidewalk. You will be like a ninja at the airport.

Contains PS.01 Suit Packing System

With more internal height space, the RW_01 contains LAT_56’s trademark Suit Packing System, which allows you to roll a suit crease-free so that you arrive at your destination ready to step into the meeting room and get down to business.

LAT_56 RW_02 Road Warrior 4-wheeler Carry-On Bag

Greater Versatility

Tilt it forward and the RW_02 becomes an RW_01 that you can use like a 2-wheeler when you need to spring to your next flight. Tilt it back to all 8’s as you reach the gate and join the queue.

More Maneuverable

The RW_02 swivels and shimmies, sliding through narrow airplane aisles, through large crowds, and around sharp turns off the escalator. It’s light, mobile, and easy to handle. It even makes waiting in a line a quasi-pleasurable experience.

Easier on Joints

Because the RW_02 is more manoeuvrable, it’s also easier on joints as you can use your entire body weight to propel the suitcase forward instead of relying on your arm and elbow to do all the work.

What are your thoughts on the 2 vs 4 wheel debate? Tell us what you think in comments below.

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