Introducing the Online Concierge

LAT_56 Carry-On Luggage and Luxury Cabin Bags Online Concierge

If you’ve visited our new website you may have noticed a little box at the bottom right of the screen. “Ask our Concierge anything” it says.

You imagine the traditional, refined concierge, like Ralph Fiennes in his purple jacket tails standing at reception at the opulent Budapest Hotel – except he’s on the computer and chatting to you.

You shake your head. Only in the golden age would you get such personal customer service. Today it’s all websites and algorithms, you lament.

So here’s the hard truth about the LAT_56 Online Concierge: We’re not wearing purple jacket tails. We’re also not Ralph Fiennes. But we are real people. And this is the golden age.

Let’s face it. Shopping has never been easier. So long to the crowded car parks, long queues and wobbly shopping carts. No more inane chatty customer service assistants trying to up-sell you. Now you can do your Internet research, read the reviews, watch the Youtube videos and with a simple click of the mouse make your purchase.

But there’s the obvious trade off. You don’t get to see the products you’re purchasing beforehand. And, let’s be honest, sometimes it was quite useful to have someone to ask questions to.

Enter the Online Concierge.

Step 1: Click on the window in the footer of our homepage at


Step 2: Enter your name, email address and the message.


Step 3: Chat with our live Club Service Concierge to get an immediate response and answer to your question.

screen-3Thanks to our online concierge, you can get the same level of personal customer service you experienced in the pre-Internet days of yore–except this time from the comfort of your home. So please hop across to and feel free to ask us any questions you have. Say hello to the Golden Age.

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