It’s the Little Things

LAT_56 Road Warrior Rolling Luggage

A quick glance at the new LAT_56 Road Warrior Carry-On Suitcase and you know this is a robust piece of kit. But take a closer look. It’s also the little things that make the difference. Here are three small but integral features of the RW_01 and RW_02 that come together to make the real Warrior.

RW_01 Handle

Hold my Handle

Handles are often ignored in the design of suitcases. The rattling/cheap metal & plastic can be found even on other high-end cases. But considering the handle is the main point of contact you will have with your bag, it’s surprising more attention isn’t put into them.

That’s why we’ve designed a premium, performance handle that oozes quality during your travels. With a superior sliding mechanism for smooth up/down operation, these handles are not only rattle free but will continue to be so long after your first trip. After all, you probably pull on the handle more times than you actually open and close your suitcase. These handles are designed to withstand the frequent use, remaining as slick and unobtrusive as on Day 1.

And one more point, they’re also comfortable, featuring a soft rubber grip that means you not only look great striding through baggage control, you feel great too.


RW_01 shoe bag

Keep me Clean

One of the key features of our new suitcases is a detachable sealed water-resistant bag which can be used for shoes/laundry/anything!

First introduced as part of the HD_01 Holdall to keep your dirty gym clothes separate from your pristine business attire, we realised that the water bag was integral to the RW_01 and RW_02 as well. Rather than casting about for a plastic bag to stuff your dirty clothes in, the water bag actually makes laundry suave. Well, as suave as laundry can be.

The detachable mechanism means that when you arrive home you can unsnap and toss your water bag straight into the laundry basket. And because it’s sealed and water-resistant you know that the dirty shoes you wore on that epic mountain hike, or the pair of suede shoes that got drenched in that downpour, has a safe place where it won’t contaminate the rest of your belongings.

In summary, this is the ultimate water bag to keep your clean stuff clean and your dirty stuff dirty!


RW_01 100ml Toiletry Bag Detail

Hide my Pocket

The Road Warrior features a small compartment at the head of your suitcase, providing easy, stress free, external access for your toiletries. It’s little features like this that can make all the difference in the airport when you’re rushing through security and don’t have the time to open your suitcase just for a little bag of toothpaste and shampoo.

Furthermore, because this discreet pocket is located at the head of your suitcase, beside the handle, it adds up to create an easier, more streamlined travel experience.

Bottom line: this pocket will save you time and hassle at the airport security line and turn the heads of the security personnel as you breeze past.


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