LAT_56 HQ: Dundee UNESCO City of Design

LAT_56 HQ in Dundee UNESCO City of Design

The LAT_56 Global Headquarters is located at Dundee’s most innovative and funkiest building. “District 10” is a carbon neutral, purpose built space constructed from 37 recycled shipping containers. Dundee was recently named the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design by the United Nations, joining ranks with the likes of Beijing, Berlin, Turin, Helsinki and Montreal, quite an accolade indeed for such a small city.

As part of the Dundee Waterfront Regeneration, the LAT_56 HQ is only minutes away from the new V&A Design Museum, set to open in 2018. Dundee has been selected as home for the new museum, thanks to the city’s rich history of design invention and the potential design influence it holds for the future.

V&A Museum in Dundee, Scotland

The new V&A Museum is set to open in Dundee in 2018 on the banks of the River Tay

Dundee has given birth to such world-changing inventions as aspirin, the world’s first radio broadcast, biomedical research that has led to new cancer drugs, orange marmalade, the birthplace of Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan, Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto video games, and now, of course, LAT_56 premium luggage.

Forbes recently reviewed LAT_56’s new Road Warrior Carry-On Bag, declaring “Scotland already gave us the best golf and the best whisky, now they are giving us some of the best luggage.”

A little closer to home, Scottish Television (STV) interviewed Founder and Designer Kevin Fox, stating, “Jute, jam, journalism and luggage? Meet the company taking Dundee global.”

LAT_56 HQ is one of the first pieces of modern architecture to jump start Dundee’s regenerated waterfront, and we are very excited to be taking centre stage in the future of this little city’s rich design heritage.

District 10

District 10. Each room is made of two 20″ shipping containers with the internal wall cut out.

District 10

LAT56 HQ, District 10, in UNESCO City of Design, Dundee

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