LAT_56 Christmas Gift Guide 2016


Christmas 2016 is knocking on our doors. So, we from LAT_56 Luggage thought that our Gift Guide could be the perfect source for you when trying to pick the most original product for a loved one (or better still, why not yourself!).

1. RW_01.1 Road Warrior Carry-On Suitcase (2-Wheel) with Garment Bag


First in line is our 2016 flagship and top seller, the RW_0.1 – Road Warrior Carry-On Suitcase (2-wheel) with Garment Bag. This unique carry-on luggage is ideal for those who are constantly travelling throughout the year (and hopefully are getting some downtime during the festive holidays). The internal features of the bag include a detachable water-resistant sealed shoe/laundry bag, a luxury lining, ample pockets and detachable pouches. When in the airport security line, you can get a quick access to your toiletries from an external, but discreet toiletries pocket. This improved version “RW_01.1” covers an updated design to our telescopic handle plus an added minimalist side handle amongst other typical LAT_56 fine details. One of the biggest advantages is our trademark skateboard-inspired roller wheels. They glide over even the roughest of surfaces for an industry leading experience.

Lastly, the standout feature to the RW_01.1 Road Warrior Carry-On is the patented SPS™ Suit Packing System. It will keep your suits crease-free and ready to wear in an incredibly compact space, saving more room for your other belongings. Large, cumbersome garment bags are a thing of the past with the RW_01.1 Road Warrior.

2. RE_01.1 Red-Eye Carry-On Garment Bag




If you are looking for a show-stopping Christmas gift then the RE_01.2 Red Eye Carry On Garment Bag could be it. Our original product, albeit one which has gone through multiple upgrades, is still amongst the most popular in the LAT_56 product line. It is designed for the business traveller who needs a lightweight, compact and crease-free garment bag for intense trips where mobility and convenience is a priority. In the wild, Red-Eye bags are making the Edinburgh to London or the NYC to San Francisco trip every day.

3. HD_01.1 Holdall Duffel Bag


Try the understated HD_01.1 -Holdall Duffel Bag as your ideal go-to bag. When in the city this bag can easily carry one’s kit smartly to work or even the gym – ideal combination with your smart attire. When it comes to weekends away in the country, then this is all you need due to its perfect functionality and size.

The holdall has internal organiser mesh pockets for small items as well as a D-shaped water resistant zipper. It has been made of military-spec moulded EVA foam+ durable waterproof & luxurious twill fabric, just like all of our products. The HD_01 Holdall Duffel has a detachable bag so that you can separate your belongings, be it shoes, laundry or wet clothes.

4. BC_01/02 Overnight Expandable Laptop Briefcase (13″ or 15″)




Our King of shoulder bags. For professionals who value space, appearance, and functionality the BC_01 Expandable Laptop Briefcase (13″) or the BC_02 Overnight Expandable Laptop Briefcase (15″) is no ordinary bag. In fact, it is the most flexible, versatile bag we offer. It can be used for carrying documents, laptops up to 13.3” in its small version or up to 15.6” for the large one. Both variations are zip expandable for additional capacity. The extra space is more than enough for an overnighter too. In particular the BC_02 has a mammoth interior space when expanded for everything you could carry. The numerous pockets and compartments make your life organised when on the road.


We hope our bags will make you or someone else very happy this Christmas.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year when it comes!

The LAT_56 Club Services Team.

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