A Letter from Europe

Dear LAT_56,

As a dual national of both UK and France, who then went to work in Belgium for European institutions, I’ve spent much of my life hopping about the airports and train stations of Europe.

During these travels, one common frustration would prevail: my luggage. No matter what I bought there seemed to be issues or annoyances. I’ve spent a small fortune over the years trying to find something better, something that works. Perhaps I am just difficult. Or perhaps I’m just fortunate to have come across LAT_56!

I tried various soft-sided cabin-sized bags of various brands and sizes, but the material would fray, zips would break and the whole thing would just look like a worn out mess. So then went through a hard-cased luggage phase, but the problem with those is that they tended to only be slightly more robust, or would be heavy before you even put anything in them. Worst of all; there was usually no way to get at the contents inside without opening up the whole thing. I also feared many of them looked too ‘serious’ and too bland. I wanted, as somebody in their early 30s, something more edgy, but smart and grown up at the same time.

It’s a common story you’ll have heard from your customers, but let me explain how happy I have been since acquiring my LAT_56 collection.

The RW_01 is like Doctor Who’s TARDIS – opening up to a vast space inside, and yet compatible with the meanest of restrictions on pretty much all airlines, low-cost carriers Ryanair and EasyJet included. That in itself deserves praise.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the wheels glided effortlessly – and absolutely silently – across the ancient and often, irregular pavements of Rome. It looks great both outside and in. Cheerio to flimsy zips, Salut to a remarkably flexible but tough – and cool looking – material. The bag has the ability to adjust to the contents inside it without breaking whilst providing structure. The suit carrier proved invaluable for a wedding I recently attended. For the first time in my life a suit came out of my luggage wearable! The rich red lining warms up the heart but also makes it easier to see the contents.

However, if I had to choose a favourite feature it would have to be the zip, providing easy access to the liquids at airport security. I must confess to feeling particularly smug as I watched other travellers struggle as they dismantled their bags as I had done so many times before. The back pocket is also ideal for quick access to my passport and iPad.

Pleased with the courteous help when choosing my ideal bag, within days I had put in a new order for the generously sized and intelligently designed array of pockets, including the 13” briefcase – and a nifty matching wash bag. They are all consistent visually and they are all equally well designed and clearly built to last.

So it’s with pleasure that I am now a customer of this great Scottish company which seems to innovate with the traveller truly in mind. For all that I love moving about, travel can be sufficiently frustrating and unpredictable enough without having to fight with your own luggage! Those days seem well and truly over. My thanks to you all!


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