Men’s Journal: ‘Bag Held Up to Punishment’

Men's Journal reviews the LAT_56 RE_01 Red Eye Carry-On Garment Bag

Men’s Journal is just that, a monthly men’s lifestyle magazine for “active, accomplished men to fuel an adventurous and discerning lifestyle.” Such was founder Jann Wenner’s vision for Men’s Journal and so it has become, first launched in 1992. The magazine is published by Wenner Media, producers of Rolling Stone and US Weekly, and it continues to be one of the go-to publications for men everywhere.

It’s no surprise then that Men’s Journal was drawn to LAT_56’s unapologetically masculine products, robust, refined, and made to last. It was especially impressed by LAT_56’s bold statement that it had run over the RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag with a Land Rover. Not one to have the wool pulled over their eyes, Men’s Journal put the bag to its own test, running over it with a Jeep.

The outcome? “We were shocked when the bag held up to punishment.”

Read the review here.

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