One Bag, One World: ‘Suit Carrier is Easy to Use’

One Bag One World reviews LAT_56 carry-on cabin bags and rolling luggage

One Bag, One World is an influential blog aimed at providing “tips, proven techniques, and gear reviews to help any traveller on the journey to successful light travel.” The site is devoted to helping those frequent flyers scale the learning curve that comes with modern travel and make the journey as smooth as possible.

With tight restrictions on what qualifies as a light travel bag, One Bag, One World reviews only those products that will truly revolutionise your travel experience. That’s why it was named among the top 10 best travel sites in its Reader’s Choice Award by USA Today, and that’s also why they’ve reviewed a number of LAT_56’s bags, including the RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag.

The reviewer notes the bag’s unusual look, military-grade materials, and internal compartments. However, he is most impressed by the PS_01.1 Suit Packing System, “the unique suit packing system specifically designed for this bag,” which he confirms is easy to use. Testing the bag out, the reviewer travelled with the bag and discovered that his suit, trousers and shirts indeed came out wrinkle-free just as promised. Read the full review here.

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