PC Advisor: ‘Well Designed & Well Made’

PC Advisor Reviews the LAT_56 BC_01 Carry-On Briefcase

PC Advisor, the monthly computer magazine, has the inside scoop on all that is tech—along with the best bags to carry and protect your treasured gadgets. That’s why it’s included the LAT_56 BC_01 Briefcase in its round-up of best laptop bags.

In this review, Jim Martin comments first on the LAT_56 bag’s weight, which is “reassuringly heavy and sturdy. The sides are covered with high-density foam in a hexagonal pattern which adds a bit of military style and interest.” Noting that the bag provides plenty of room and ample protection, Martin reaches his verdict: “It’s well designed and well made. If you want a stylish briefcase-style bag for a laptop . . . you won’t be disappointed with the LAT_56 BC_01.”

Read the full review here.

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