Practical Travel Gear: ‘Perfect Companion for Frequent Travelers’

Practical Travel Gear reviews the LAT_56 Carry-On Cabin Bags and Rolling Luggage

The Practical Travel Gear blog is devoted to those avid travellers around the world from pedigreed businessmen to the adventurous travel-hungry explorer. As the most popular travel-gear-only content site on the web, the blog boasts an eclectic collection of reviews from gadgets to shoes to clothing to, you guessed it, luggage.

Ramsey Qubein starts off his review of the LAT_56  RW_02 Road Warrior Suitcase by saying, “If you thought your four-wheel spinning luggage was great, you haven’t seen anything yet.” Covering all aspects of the suitcase, Qubein discusses the exterior materials, carry-on size compliance, shoe bag, external pockets allowing for easy access, handle and its eight wheels that have “no problem getting good traction rolling over carpet or even bumpy sidewalks.” Concluding that “this is the perfect companion for frequent travelers,” Practical Travel Gear seems to have found their new got-to cabin bag.

Read the full review here.

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