Practical Travel Gear: ‘Exceptional Durability, Elegant Look’

Practical Travel Gear reviews the LAT_56 Carry-On Cabin Bags and Rolling Luggage

The Practical Travel Gear blog is devoted to those avid travellers around the world from pedigreed businessmen to the adventurous travel-hungry explorer. As the most popular travel-gear-only content site on the web, the blog boasts an eclectic collection of reviews from gadgets to shoes to clothing to, you guessed it, luggage.

Ramsay Qubein reviews the LAT_56 HD_01 Holdall, which he found to be “especially useful since it is lightweight and fits conveniently on top of my rollaboard bag.” Noting its versatility, Qubein says, “most people would use this as a small duffle bag or briefcase” and “its attractive exterior gives it an elegant look that is great for multiple uses. This bag can head to the gym or a business meeting without feeling messy.”

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