Practical Travel Gear: ‘Most Durable Garment Bag’

Practical Travel Gear reviews the LAT_56 Carry-On Cabin Bags and Rolling Luggage

The Practical Travel Gear blog is devoted to those avid travellers around the world from pedigreed businessmen to the adventurous travel-hungry explorer. As the most popular travel-gear-only content site on the web, the blog boasts an eclectic collection of reviews from gadgets to shoes to clothing to, you guessed it, luggage.

In this review, Ramsey Qubein reviews the LAT_56 RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag, calling it “the most durable garment bag that I have ever seen.” With little luck travelling with a suit carrier previously, Qubein is pleased to discover that the LAT_56 bag’s “outer shell composed of semi-rigid rubber-like material protects whatever is inside it while making it malleable enough to squeeze into an overhead bin.” At the same time he notes that it’s possible to check the bag without concern of the suit wrinkling, due to the Red Eye’s solid exterior shell. “That’s something that no garment bag could ever do.”

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