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The Symbols Behind Our Best Carry-On Suitcase

Symbols behind lat56 design

The new LAT_56 Road Warrior rolling luggage range includes a number of travel-friendly compartments, each marked by a symbol inside your carry-on suitcase. Let’s take a closer look at these symbols inside our newest line of premium travel bags.


LAT_56 Road Warrior carry-on luggage toiletries
Say goodbye to the frantic fumbling for your 100ml (3-1-1) plastic toiletry bag at security. Now you can wow the guards at the airport by coolly unzipping the discreet pocket that runs alongside the handle and calmly placing your toiletries into the bin in front of you. You won’t even need to break eye contact with the guard if you’re going for a suave 007 vibe—although she may not see it that way.


LAT_56 Road Warrior carry-on luggage passport
With the same smooth compartment at customs, you can unzip the tasteful, rear pocket on your suitcase and withdraw your passport and boarding pass for inspection. Feel free to use this unobtrusive pocket for other necessary documents, including hotel booking confirmations, work documents, and a newspaper.


LAT_56 Road Warrior Carry-on luggage Socks Symbol
Our rolling carry-on suitcase comes with two detachable triangle pockets, one of which is for your socks. With a designated sock area, you won’t have to scramble through all your packed belongings to find a fresh pair of socks. And when dashing off to an elegant dinner, easily accessing those clean socks saves you those extra precious minutes.


LAT_56 Road Warrior Suitcase
The second detachable triangle pocket is denoted with a y-fronts symbol, because your undergarments are just as valuable as your socks – if not more so. There’s now no need to spend those three minutes you have to get changed for that fancy business dinner rummaging around for your underwear. You can’t imagine Mr. Bond ever having to do that, can you? We doubt he wears Y-fronts though.


LAT_56 Road Warrior Carry-on Shoe Symbol
Now what to do with your dirty laundry once you’ve changed into your fresh, crease-free suit (thanks to the Suit Packing System)? Separating clean clothes from dirty in your typical carry-on can often be more complicated than it needs to be. But with the Road Warrior, all you will need to do is look no further than the shoe symbol alongside the detachable shoe/laundry bag. You could use the bag for that extra pair of footwear or for your dirty washing – toss it all in and then when you get back home toss the bag straight into the laundry basket. Laundry has never been this debonair—and that’s a fact.


Suit Packing System, Wrinkle Free
This last symbol can only be found in the Road Warrior 2-Wheel Carry-On Bag as only it includes the Suit Packing System, LAT_56’s patented rolling technology which allows you to pack your suit crease-free. Unzip the luxury mesh covering inside the case and place the SPS here, zipping it back up to be protected and held apart from the rest of your belongings. With a designated crease-free place for your suit, you won’t have to worry about a single wrinkle cramping your style.

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