Tech on the Go: LAT_56 Garment Bag “Ingenious”


Tech on the Go have reviewed the RE_01 Red-Eye Carry-On Garment Bag, with writer Rob Gordon saying that the bag “exudes quality” and for him, encapsulates “everything I have come to expect from LAT_56 products”.

Quality was the focus for Gordon, who highlighted the “solid” zips and the “extremely tough and durable” moulded EVA exterior. He went on to say that the garment bag “gives you the confidence to place it on any surface”.

Describing the “ingenious” patented PS_01 Suit Packing System – which is included with the RE_01 – Gordon praised the system’s ingenuity and its ability to achieve wrinkle-free clothes while traveling: “You end up with your clothes folded up neatly, without creases into a fraction of the size that is then safely zipped away in the top half of the bag. It’s fascinating to do.”

Gordon tested the bag during a trip to Paris, using standard UK trains and the Eurostar. During his travels, Gordon drew attention to how easy the RE_01 was to travel with, stating that he could easily get in and out of taxis with ease (and without putting the bag in the trunk) and that he didn’t experience “sore shoulder syndrome” due to the well-padded shoulder strap.

“I liked this bag a lot” Gordon concludes the review, going on to say that the Red-Eye “is a completely different way of solving the problem of travelling with clothes that need to still look smart the next day.”

You can read the review in full here.

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