Tech on the Go: ‘Oozes Protection’

Techonthego reviews the LAT_56 MS_01 Messenger Bag

Tech on the Go is a UK-based mobile technology review website, covering tech news, gadgets, and accessories. In this review, Rob Gordon continues his ongoing bag quest with this in depth and thorough appraisal of the LAT_56 Messenger Bag, the smaller MS_01 Messenger and larger MS_02 Messenger.

As a Tech on the Go writer, Gordon is looking for a robust piece of kit that will protect laptops and other electronics. He finds that the LAT_56 Messenger “oozes protection with its tough exterior shell and chunky zippers” and notes that while the bag can’t be fully submerged, “it’s going to protect your item from even heavy rain which is more than many bags will manage.”

Gordon examines the interior as meticulously as he does the exterior, picking out the individual pockets and the silent magnetic clasps as other key features. In summary, Gordons says, “The moment you pick up the bag to put something in it, you’re aware of the quality of the bag, from the materials used throughout, to the attention to detail on the pockets and lining.”

Read the full review here.

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