TravGear: LAT_56 Carry-on “Perfect”

TravGear reviews the LAT_56 RW_02 Road Warrior Carry-On Bag

TravGear, a travel product review blog, has reviewed the RW_01 Road Warrior Carry-on Suitcase saying the “supreme build quality and functional design make this high-class two-wheeler perfect for business trips and weekends away”.

The reviewer, Jamie Carter, provided an in-depth review covering the bag’s functionality, design and durability. In particular, Carter drew attention to the SPS Suit Packing System included with the Road Warrior, highlighting that the system eliminated the problem of a suit dominating your packing.

“The LAT_56 RW_01 Road Warrior makes it easy to get what you want, when you want it, and without any of the sharp edges that so many overnight bags have.”

Carter concluded the review stating, “truly, designer Kevin Fox has thought of everything”.

You can read the full TravGear review here.

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