TravGear: ‘Stunning, Streamlined Cabin Bag’

TravGear reviews the LAT_56 RW_02 Road Warrior Carry-On Bag

According to TravGear “we’ve scoured the world for products that can help you conquer it.” And one of the newest, and we think best thus far, is LAT_56’s new Road Warrior range of rolling luggage. In this review, Jamie Carter tests out the RW_02 8-wheeler suitcase.

This in depth and comprehensive review closely examines the wheels and handle, outside pockets, inside pockets, and wet bag. It concludes, “the ultimate go-to bag for all kinds of trips, this 8-wheel spinner has a unique masculine style and the best configuration of pockets we’ve ever seen.” Carter says the suitcase is a “stunning, streamlined cabin bag ideal for business trips and weekends away” and that “LAT_56’s Road Warrior RW_02 is a success, and well worth the price.”

Read the full review here.

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