Valet Magazine: “Pragmatic Ingenuity”

Valet Magazine reviews the LAT_56 RE_01 Red Eye Carry-On Garment Bag

What started as a conversation over drinks in October 2007 soon developed into a full-blown luxury lifestyle website aimed at the “21st century gentleman.” Hence the name Valet, derived from its original meaning, “a man’s personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes, appearance and manners.”

To these ends, Valet is committed to delivering daily news on style, grooming and culture for discerning chaps everywhere. It’s only appropriate then that they should have chosen to review the LAT_56 RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag.

Reviewer Jordan Taylor distinguishes LAT_56 from more traditional luggage, which might be handsome but is a drag, heavy and inefficient. “Business travel today calls for a certain pragmatic ingenuity,” says Taylor, “Enter LAT_56, a new kind of luggage for the modern wayfarer.”

Taylor had the opportunity to travel with the Red Eye and reports that he was able to pack three days’ worth of clothes in the “nearly indestructible carry-on that condenses suits and supplies into a compact, organized and lightweight pack that’s easy to carry and stash.” He also notes with enthusiasm that the PS_01.1 Suit Packing System indeed delivered his suit crease-free at the other end.

His only lament at the time was that LAT_56 didn’t make bags for longer trips. Well now we do. Check out the Road Warrior rolling luggage here.

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