LAT_56 Man of the Law

Vincent McGovern and his LAT_56 Laptop Case

Vincent McGovern is a lawyer, running his own law firm in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

At university Vincent studied law and then pursued a legal career representing the less privileged and speaking on behalf of those in need of access to justice. Today, McGovern Court Lawyers is one of Scotland’s leading firms in the practice of criminal defence work. And it was Vincent’s inclination for entrepreneurial success that first attracted him to LAT_56.

“I was first aware of LAT_56 through a mutual friend,” Vincent recalls, leaning back in his office chair, his desk filled with papers from his upcoming cases.

“What attracted me to LAT_56 at that point was they were a young, Scottish company, which suits my narrative. And not only that, they were in a very difficult, competitive market and I was very intrigued by their story.”

Vincent actually met LAT_56 designer Kevin Fox before ordering his first bag; he was interested in how Kevin had developed the brand and design, accessed support from Scottish Enterprise, and “primarily through their own design skills and entrepreneurial drive had launched themselves into this market.”

The meeting was evidently a success. Vincent now owns four LAT_56 bags, the MS_01 Messenger Bag, the LP_03 Latptop Case, the HD_01 Holdall, and the RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag and he’s eagerly awaiting the rolling luggage line that is hitting stores soon.

“What struck me when my first bag, the messenger, arrived was the quality of the workmanship and in particular the stitching and zips because they’re always the first thing you look to when you get a bag.” A couple years down the line and Vincent’s opinion hasn’t changed.

“I’ve had that bag now for a few years, and it’s very robust. There’s no damage to it and the zips and such still work just like the day when I received it.”

Next, Vincent ordered the LP_03 Laptop Case, which he uses when he attends meetings for the Scottish Legal Aid Board. As a board member, over and above his law practice, Vincent needs to be able to go from his practice to the board meetings efficiently and smoothly. His Red Eye garment bag also allows him to travel seamlessly, and he uses it not only for overnight trips to London and the continent but also as a gym bag to keep his suit protected.

“I’ve had suit carriers before,” he explains, “and they’re complicated to use. It hardly seems worth the effort. You lose time trying to figure out the best way to fold it. But the mechanism in the Red Eye of having a weight at the bottom and being able to roll it is very, very clever.” Vincent also appreciates the use of space in all his LAT_56 products, “They’re not bulky items but the use of space is very well thought out and of course none of it is wasted.” Moreover, “there’s something very attractive about both the exterior and interior, both in the colour and texture.”

Vincent isn’t the only lawyer who thinks so.

“There’s definitely brand recognition among lawyers going about the courts. I know several other lawyers with LAT_56 bags. In fact, a lawyer today saw my bag and asked if it was a LAT_56 bag. That’s very unusual. I’ve been working for 30 years and never had someone ask me about my bag, let alone recognize its brand.”

This brand recognition is probably due to the fact that LAT_56 bags are “versatile, compact and suits a lawyer who is on the go and needs to access materials quickly.” Going around the courts and meeting different clients, a lawyer needs a bag with various compartments that are easy to reach. “It’s that attention to detail that gives LAT_56 a real edge.”

It’s also the authoritative look, sleek lines, and unique design features that makes the bag stand out. “You immediately notice someone else with a LAT_56 bag and are drawn to it,” Vincent explains. He pauses and then adds with a laugh, “It’s like being part of a special club.”

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