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What Makes a LAT_56 Travel Bag Great?

Why LAT_56 Makes a Great Travel Bag

If you’re on and off a plane every week or making frequent weekend getaways for a breath of fresh air, then chances are you’ve come to appreciate the role of your travel bag in facilitating the journey.

First you have to decide what kind of bag is best for the type of travelling you’re doing.

If you’re going on an extended business trip, rolling luggage, like the RW_01 and RW_02 Road Warrior Carry-On Suitcases might be your best bet. If you’re only away for 1-2 nights and need to carry a suit, the RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag is probably for you. Then again, you might be breaking free from the office for a weekend away or even a great outdoor expedition, in which case you should consider a duffle, the HD_01 Holdall, or a backpack, the BP_01 Back Pack.

As you see, we’ve covered all the travel bases with our LAT_56 bags. But what makes these bags so good for travelling? When looking at any travel bag, you want to consider material, capacity, and the bags’ unique features. Let’s get started, shall we?


No matter what kind of travel you’re doing, by definition your bag is going to get a beating. That’s why you have to ensure you have a top quality product made with high-quality materials. To this end, all LAT_56 products are made with military-spec EVA foam.

You’ll recognise EVA in our signature honeycombed exterior that makes all our bags look like armour. But they don’t just look like armour, they act like armour. EVA foam is moisture resistant, high tear resistant, stress-crack resistant – it’s even UV radiation resistant! It can withstand temperatures from -70°F – 160°F (-57°C – 71°C), for low and high-temperature toughness that will see you through nearly any (earth) climate. No question here that with EVA foam, LAT_56 products can withstand even the most abusive travel circumstances and careless baggage handlers.

The RW_01 and RW_02 Road Warrior rolling luggage are also made with ballistic nylon. This is a thick, tough, synthetic nylon with high tear resistance. It was first developed as a material out of which to make flakjackets for WWII pilots to protect them from flying debris from bullets and artillery shells. The combination of EVA foam and ballistic nylon means that you won’t have to worry about how much battery your bag gets in situ.


When travelling you need to find a way to pack all your essentials, and the smaller the bag the better. With carry-on restrictions on most airlines limited to 115cm combined dimensions, you need a bag that makes the most out of these dimensions without compromising space. That’s why it’s all about the sharp edges.

Rectangular bags provide the optimum capacity and greatest internal volume. In considering how to make our bags as spacious as possible, we’ve designed them with rectilinearality in mind. Even the HD_01 Holdall is rectilinear with a rounded top to help it better squeeze into overhead luggage compartments while still providing ample internal space for packing. Similarly, for a backpack, the BP_01 is particularly spacious and this is largely due to its square shape.

A good travel bag should also have pockets, but they should be internal rather than external. Outside pockets and pouches  will make a bag bigger but without adding sufficient storage volume. They just make your bag bulkier, making it unbalanced and also less attractive. Instead, LAT_56 products make up for the lack of outside pockets with a well designed interior so that you can still organise all your travel gear.

And in this way our bags also help you pack. The RW_01 and RW_02 don’t have outer pockets, for example, and this actually is a helpful limitation because it means you don’t bulk outer pockets and accidentally exceed airline restrictions. The internal compartments, including the Road Warrior’s detachable water bag, help guide you towards best packing practices, anticipating your upcoming travel needs. Overall, these are bags with optimum capacity that provide just enough space to make IATA regulations without going overboard.


Apart from the two pillars of quality and capacity, there are also the little things that make a difference, the special features of a travel bag made especially to accommodate your journey.

RW_01 & RW_02 Rolling Luggage: These two Road Warriors feature high-performance wheels and durable handles that are fundamental to smooth, frequent flying. As mentioned, they also come with a detachable water-resistant sealed bag for your shoes or laundry. The hidden pocket for your toiletry bag is another feature that will assist you as you pass through security hassle free (unless the metal detector goes off, but we can’t help you with that!). Want to learn more? Read more about these features here.

RE_01 Red Eye Garment Bag: This suit carrier comes with the PS_01.1 Suit Packing System so that you can carry your suit crease free. It’s comprised of a hanger, rolling board, internal suit bag, and soft hook that together create a system specially designed to ensure your suit is ready for the business meeting on the other side of the trip. The RE_01 also features an additional kit chamber for your overnight trip.

HD_01 Holdall: A D-shaped water resistant zipper allows you better access to your holdall so that you can fill every nook and cranny but also access what you need later. Two internal mesh pockets at either end provide those organisational pouches without bulking out your bag.

BP_01 Backpack: From the outside the BP_01 is rather unassuming but open it up to discover a portable office. One compartment provides ample pockets for your various devices with a separate compartment specifically for your laptop. Everything you need at your fingertips in a backpack that you can take to any extreme.


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